On this special Mother's Day episode of The OH Hell No Podcast Nicole talks to author Karen C.L. Anderson about her book Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughter: A Guide For Separation Liberation & Inspiration. Karen shares her story about how her difficult relationship with her mother led to a co-dependent and unhealthy relationship with her mom. Karen talks about how during a life coaching course she discovered the help she needed to heal herself and set healthy boundaries. As an entrepreneur, Karen shares how she figured out what she loves and doesn't love to do, and that sometimes what you actually like doing and are good at will be different from what you imagined and that's ok. Karen explains what a Patreon account is and how she is using hers to help people. If you have had a difficult relationship with your mom, parents, or anyone at all, this is a great book with some life changing concepts. Check out Karen's website www.kclanderson.com and pick up her book anywhere books are sold. Follow @theohhellnopodcast and check out my website www.ohhellnopodcast.com and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave a rating.

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