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The Oh Hell No podcast is a podcast where K. Nicole talks to everyday people who are leaving their mark on the world doing what they love.

Episode 74: Meet Carell Star & Discover The Girl Who is Always Wearing A Pretty Dress

June 10th, 2018

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with blogger and on air tech and lifestyle host Charell Star.  Charell shares her journey from Public Relations to following her passion and starting her career as an on air personality.  Charell also talks about her passion for fashion and technology.  Charell hasn't always had the perfect life as she was once in foster care.  She talks about how she overcomes self-doubt and how she gives back and sits on the board of two amazing Foster Care organizations. Charell also shares an "Oh Hell No Moment" that is the norm for many of us but will never stop us from getting to where we belong.  Charell is an amazing soul with a great attitude and a bright future...check out her blog and to make a donation to the oragnizations she works with, check them out and  Follow Charell on the gram and twitter @charellstar


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