The Oh Hell No Podcast

The Oh Hell No podcast is a podcast where K. Nicole talks to everyday people who are leaving their mark on the world doing what they love.

Episode 56: Meet Katie Maggio and Discover The Level 10 Method

February 25th, 2018

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with Katie Maggio.  Katie is a life coach and podcaster who teaches people how to upgrade various areas of their lives using her Level 10 Method. Katie shares how her divorce changed the trajectory of her life and how she grew through these changes through self-discovery.  Katie talks about what areas of life her Level 10 Method covers and how she helps people to transform these various areas.  Katie also shares her own experience with a life coach and how it helped her to find her calling as a life coach.  Nicole has Katie solve some problems in a fun game of Level Up and Katie  gives Nicole great advice on how to teach children about giving back and making it a fun activity for everyone.  Check out Katie at and check out her podcast on ITunes called Meaningful Moments.