The Oh Hell No Podcast

The Oh Hell No podcast is a podcast where K. Nicole talks to everyday people who are leaving their mark on the world doing what they love.

Episode 72: Meet Samantha Parker & Kathy Rasmussen & Discover Badassery Magazine

May 27th, 2018

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole sits down with Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen, who are the founders and creators of on-line magazine Badassery.  Kathy and Samantha share how they moved on from careers that started to weigh them down, on to new ventures they loved and had a new-found passion for.  They talk about how they share the responsibilities of running an on-line magazine, how focusing on building their "Tribe" is most important to them and why.  Kathy and Samantha define Badassery and what they are looking for when picking their next cover story and they also share their most memorable and positive Oh Hell No Moments.  Download Badassery magazine today and check them out on the gram @badasserymag. Follow the @theohhellnopodcast on the gram and check out my Website at