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The Oh Hell No podcast is a podcast where K. Nicole talks to everyday people who are leaving their mark on the world doing what they love.

Episode 42: Meet Shea Vaughn and Discover the Women’s Broadcast Television Network (WBTVN)

December 25th, 2017

On this Episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast Nicole talks to Shea Vaughn, a lifestyle pioneer, nationally recognized health and wellness authority and the Co-Founder/CEO of WBTVN (the Women’s Broadcast Television Network).  Shea shares the five principles of wellness and reveals how they can be applied to our everyday lives. Shea also shares some personal stories about how she grew up and how everything she has experienced shaped her into the positive, inspiring woman that she is today. Finally Shea shares details about   the Women's Broadcast Television Network, the first OTT online TV network with original content created for women. Its hosts reach an audience of over 30 million through OTT partners Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Google Play and more.  For more information on WBTVN check out their website at  

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